Posted by James - October 5, 2010 - Termites - No Comments

I was performing a pest control service today for a new customer. As I performed my service I always look for indications of termites. A true pest control professional knows what to look for, I didn’t see a termite “shelter tunnel “at first but I could tell by the mulch (how hard it was) that termites were there. The wrap that place around the exterior of the house before the siding is installed was hanging past the siding. I pulled it back and guess what? Termites! This house is 3 years old and had many old “scar” termite tubes on the foundation. This customer uses the red cypress mulch….. I only recommend pine straw, any mulch that is made from wood is not recommended. You should keep at least 6″-12″ from the foundation undisturbed. Your home should be inspected annually to alert you to termite activity or to address conducive conditions. Many areas of Baton Rouge are 8 times more likely to suffer a termite invasion that any other areas in the country!

James Culpepper