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Don’t Wait For a Rodent Infestation to Become a Problem

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If you’ve noticed rodents like mice (or worse, rats) crawling and scuttling about, whether at night or during the day, you should call the best Baton Rouge rodent control and extermination experts as soon as possible. Don’t give those mice time to reproduce and turn into your own personal plague.

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James Culpepper is the
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Rodent Control and Extermination Services:

Culpepper Pest Control provides comprehensive rodent control and extermination services to homes and businesses in and around the greater Baton Rouge Louisiana area. Our guarantee – we will eliminate rats and mice from your home or business.

Our rodent control and extermination services involves a five-point process:

  1. Initial Rodent Inspection:
    Our experts will come out to your home or office and do a complete inspection for the telltale signs of rodent infestation like chewing damage, droppings and more. We’ll identify entry points and locate food sources.
  2. Rodent Extermination and Removal:
    Our experienced staff will thoroughly examine your property place baits and traps and capture your unwanted guests. Our staff will then make recommendations to reduce access to food sources that attract and support rats and mice.
  3. Locate and Block Rodent Entry Points:
    Locate and seal points that the rodents may be using to access your home or business.
  4. Final Inspection and Review:
    Return to your home or business and inspect remaining baits and traps. Perform a final review and discuss the changes and modifications recommended in steps #2 and #3 above to ensure a successful long-term outcome.
  5. Follow-Up:
    Our Baton Rouge rodent control and extermination team will contact you and schedule a follow-up visit to inspect your property for any signs of possible reinfestation.

Humane And Environmentally Responsible Rodent Control

Culpepper Services specializes in all the traditional rodent control and extermination methods, but we also offer some of the most green-friendly, cutting-edge rodent control tactics. These include baits and traps that don’t use toxic poisons.

They May Look Cute, But They Are A Menace!

Mice and rats may appear to be small, harmless animals, but they carry disease and parasites and can all too quickly become a serious health hazard. Call Culpepper Pest Control Services for responsible rodent control TODAY.

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